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SIBM, Pune – An experience

With the technology advancing by leaps and bounds and the literacy rate on the rise in India (Typical MBA start, quote some facts and figures). Another software developer (read computer engineer) working in the IT hub of India, revisited his dream of doing an MBA. The dream was realized when he got an opportunity to do MBA from Best B School in Pune. The flagship MBA in symbiosis i.e. SIBM Pune was waiting for him, held within itself a wonderful experience in just 2 weeks of the commencement of the course.

Right before the commencement, there happened two beautiful things that further made me believe about the choice I made is correct. The Pre-induction modules and the city-meet with seniors. Meeting the humble seniors and the batch mates made me crave to get to the college ASAP. The informative modules from the world’s best management school helped a lot.

Finally, meeting the right and incredibly talented and enthusiastic bunch of people was bit nerve wrecking. But the humble way people receive you just makes you feel at home. The awesome induction program and the industrial visit in the initial 2 weeks itself were few memories to cherish. The team building activities and the unique talent that every individual brings to the table is something that leaves you awestruck.

And the most important of all the campus. Breath-taking. As they say where do SIBM students go for vacation? and the answer is always the campus. The view from the class, the hostel rooms is always amazing. Well not to make it too long, it’s just the start of another chapter of the life of that engineer, many more to come! Stay Tuned! Keep Smiling! 🙂

Sparsh Bhagat, First Year MBA student @ SIBM Pune