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MY CHOICE!! Joining SIBM, Pune – The Right Decision

Whenever you talk about MBA in India a picture comes in mind. Some hundred thousand aspirants sitting in different MBA exams and aspiring to get through the stringent selection process to finally get into some of the best B school’s in India.  After working for four years in the Automotive sector it is no wonder that I too wished the same. The wish to do something different was always in my mind. But I always believed that if I go for a MBA degree I will lose my knack of working on technologies and innovation. In my search for the best MBA institute in India I went through the vast courses on offer from all of the top twenty B-schools. This is when I came to know about the Innovation and Entrepreneurship course offered by SIBM. It is a unique course and no college other than to the stature of SIBM can take the bold step of offering such a challenging course to the students. Today India is in a situation where it is no longer an advantage to innovate but it has become a necessity to innovate. All players in the market are trying to be sustainable and innovation is the only solution to it. Entrepreneurship on the other hand is the other need of the hour.  MBA in Symbiosis is always considered as the big ticket to the corporate world. SIBM Pune, the best B-school under the Symbiosis International University offering such a brilliant opportunity to all the budding entreprenual and innovative minds is even a bigger ticket for a brilliant future. Till now whatever I wrote is about what I was feeling when I was going through the enrolment process. After clearing the SNAP exam I was called for the interview and this was when I made up my mind that nowhere else other than SIBM is where I want to see myself for the next two years. During my B.Tech days I did some innovative project which I mentioned in almost all SOPs for the different colleges I applied. It was only during the SIBM Pune interview that the interviewer asked me a question that no one asked me ever- “What made you think of this innovation?” The very basic question you love to be asked. A course where people are more interested to go to the basis of an idea is where an innovative mind will always like to thrive. I was then sure that this is the course I was looking for. It is not another typical MBA course but it is where you can think on your ideas and get a chance to give them birth in reality. Today as I have completed just two weeks it may be too early to conclude where I am heading to but by this time I am pretty sure that it was always the right decision to choose the best B-school in Pune..SIBM!!Team Innovators and Entrepreneurs