The last MDP of this financial year will conclude today…. | SIBM Blog

The last MDP of this financial year will conclude today….

One of SIBM Pune’s strengths is its connect with the corporate world… not just in MDPs and consulting assignments, but with their involvement in our processes as well.. from the admissions process, to the Program Review Committee, to mentorship of students, to guest lectures, to career guidance and of course Placements…This is only to be expected from a 46 year old Institute!!

While we continue to surge ahead in this domain, more and better things are planned in the academic sphere too… to ensure that our students get the best education in their MBA program.. quite a few new initiatives have been planned to ensure that our students get, and retain their edge over others… expect the academic rigor to go up even more with the proposed new additions! I am sure all our students will welcome the new initiatives… 😀!!

As the Academic Year draws to a close, we will be back to the drawing board, to fine tune and then prepare the new initiatives for launch in the coming academic year.. April and May are unlikely to be lean months for us!!

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