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Coffee with SIBM – An exciting journey across 21 cities of India!


As the winter got more chilling the coffee got more delectable. Yes, Coffee with SIBM, which took off on 27th November and went on over 3 weekends till 14th December, got bigger and better this time.

Coffee with SIBM (CWS) is an informal interactive session conducted by the Aspirant Relations Team of SIBM-Pune every year and is currently in its fifth year. The session was conducted in 21 cities and 23 venues all over the country with an overwhelming response from more than 6000 SNAP aspirants. CWS aims at dispelling the aspirants’ doubts regarding SNAP and SIBM Pune and answer other MBA related queries. “It was an insightful session especially when it came to the life of an MBA student at SIBM-Pune. I got all those questions answered which were troubling my mind since quite some time” says Amit, an MBA aspirant from Delhi.

According to Vijay Pareek, a part of Aspirant Relations Team, parents also accompanied aspirants during the sessions. Their queries ranged from the general doubt of “Why MBA” to the more technical dilemma of the stream their child should choose. On asking about the preparation he did for CWS he quipped that this is just the gloss, a lot of brain storming and effort has gone to make CWS a success. This is so true keeping in mind that SIBM-Pune is a student driven institute where students are involved in virtually everything from admissions to placements.

As the admission season picks up there will be a lot more uncertainty sprouting in the aspirants’ mind, the Aspirant Relation Team seems to have geared itself up for this. “We will be available at all times on social media platforms like Facebook and Pagalguy to resolve the queries, in addition the students can contact us through e-mail as well” says Nitin Prabhu, co-ordinator Aspirant Relation Team.

Along with the discussion on various issues related to MBA, SNAP and SIBM, the aspirants were given preparatory material related to SNAP. A mock SNAP test was also conducted to familiarise aspirants with the test and give them a feel of the difficulty level of the exam.