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SIBM, Pune – An experience

 Well my SIBM experience started well before officially joining the institute. The results came in March and resigned from my company the very next day. There was no doubt in my mind against pursuing MBA and SIBM was the one of the best institutes in India to do that. My boss also knew my aspirations and supported me along the notice period. But the idea of leaving job and going back to new college was sometimes difficult to adjust to. More than two years for experience is corporate brings lot of changes in personality and expectations from MBA & colleges are unusually high and is totally different from graduation. The regular interaction with SIBM senior students was informative and helped us bring about correct mind-set before joining the college.

When I joined college in June it was an unsettling day. The mind was confused. But the subsequent well planned 10 days induction program helped setup the expectation from the college and us the students. The amazing guest talks, bonding exercises, group skits and industrial visits were part of the induction. Not to mention the amazing campus on the lavale hill and all kinds of recreation facilities are best one can get out of an institute. There has not been a single day when you wake up in the morning and don’t feel fresh and ready for the day ahead and the future. There is no doubt that coming 2 years in SIBM will be the biggest transformation in my life. I am glad to be here and to carry forward the name of the institute.


Sanchit Mahajan First Year MBA Student @ SIBM, Pune