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Joining SIBM Pune – The Right Choice

Life is full of new beginnings, some are the happiest ones and pursuing MBA in Symbiosis is definitely going to be one of those for me. The moment I had visited Symbiosis International University Lavale campus, I knew that this has to be the place where my dreams are going to shape. The whole atmosphere of this campus rigorously push each and everyone of us to perform best out of us, making it undoubtedly the best B school in Pune as well as one of the best B school in the country.

While appearing for SNAP I did not had the single clue that I was going to be part of such a fabulous culture. MBA in India is more of a rat race but SIBM Pune gave me an opportunity to choose a program in which my passion lies. Being here since last 17 days has even more strengthened my faith that I have chosen the right place for quality education and post 2 years I would be a person with a promising path in life.