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Live life, SIBM size

Boost says “The more I play, the more I learn”. I say,”The more I learn, the more I play”. It has been a strange legacy I have been carrying along with me over the past 8 years. From class 10 to class 12 the number of hours invested in studies per day changed from 12 hours a day to 5 hours a day while my scores strangely increased from 91 to 92 respectively. It dropped to a further 2 hours a day during engineering but I have absolutely no idea how I pulled off a gold medal for academic excellence. I soon realised that performance is never a direct relation to the quantity of effort put in.. it matters only on its quality..So am i here looking to protect my legacy or creating a new one?Trust me life has just decided to put me to the real test now…

So with my new found wisdom(Yes grown a little wiser over the years)and a pursuit of further quality education,the journey ventured through my tenure at Cognizant plus the study time required to crack the biggies among CAT,XAT,SNAP,IIFT and NMAT. (Oh yes with work along,it was truly hectic!). When a serious aspirant thinks of a B-school in India to be very honest, its a top 15 or nothing.

The night is the darkest before the dawn.. and I knew that the dawn was coming… And there it was. Pulled the bunny out of the hat! Cracked the SNAP nut most appreciably among the other exams and looked forward to an enthralling
interview experience(come on B-school interviews are way more exciting than recruitment interviews! or are they?Personally, yes!). SIBM was the head of the curve under SNAP so it was definitely a victory to recieve an entry into the interview shortlist.

13th February,2015.. Enter this fantastic campus at Lavale. I had heard of it yes, but I was actually looking at it now with my own quadri-eyed vision..I was viewing a spectacle through my spectacles…and I was indeed speechless.”How do people study here?” I wondered to myself. And then through the interview i realised,”This is SIBM, it surely can make you do anything ;)”.

I walked in to SIBM as a student on 2nd June,2015 and was put under an amazing blitz of pre-induction activities. People developed phenomenal skits and performances overnight… A fantastic set of alumni walking in the peak of their careers addressing us with their success stories.. The cricket.. the football… This is just the beginning..
The beginning of something very large. Its a fantastic bunch of fellow mates.. personally its lots to learn… unlearn.. and relearn..
I am not here to speak of SIBM’s reputation in the industry. Pick up a business magazine, you would know its undoubtedly the best B-school in Pune and one of the finest in the country. What am i really looking to tell you then?I am here to tell you that I (after a round of very very very careful analysis of career options) have indeed vested my faith on these 5 alphabets- S,I,B,M,P…My parents have taken a leap of faith in me(I love to deliver under expectations, it just adds so much value to me!) I have taken a leap of faith… faith in SIBM..The opportunity that I will look up to…
wake up to every morning…

What is really the most resilient parasite in the world? A Bacteria? A virus? Or is it an intestinal worm?
Its an idea. Resilient… highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate.
The truth is that an idea that is fully formed, fully understood… that is what sticks.
SIBM is not here to generate ideas my friends,its only here to generate an army of idea generating super heroes!

Remember,there are only two categories of people in the world : 1. SIBM ‘ers , 2. The rest of the world..
Which of these categories do you belong to?

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