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Joining SIBM, Pune – Life Changing Decision

The decision to pursue my MBA came at a very late stage, i.e around the mid of October 2014. By this time entrance exams and registration dates of most of the well reputed B-schools in India had already passed. But SIBM Pune had registration dates ending at end of Feb 2015 for international students as well as NRI’s. Being an NRI I enjoyed that cushion. The only concern was that SIBM, Pune was the only institute which I had applied for with no guarantee of getting an admission. If the unfortunate would happen, I would have to wait for another year as I wasn’t willing to settle for anything less than doing my MBA in SIBM, Pune.

I was in Bahrain for 18 years where I had done my schooling as well as graduation. The life in Bahrain is completely relaxing and lazy. One of the main reason of pursuing my MBA in India was to have a complete change in lifestyle and what would be better, than SIBM Pune. There were two fears of mine before joining SIBM, Pune. Firstly, it was to live in a hostel where everything has to be managed by no one other than yourself. Secondly, was going through the horrors of having mess food and being a foody it was going to be very difficult for me to have it every day. Now, after a couple of weeks of stay in the hostel and having mess food the fears have been overcome (not saying that the mess food is good, but its eatable).

Apart from the reputation of SIBM Pune, the other driving force of my decision to join this institute was the campus life which this institute was offering which I did not experience back in Bahrain. As being a sports enthusiast, the sports facilities exited me the most. You name the sport you love and they have it in SIBM Pune (at least that was the case for me).

It was 3rd of June 2015 that I first entered the campus. The first week was the induction week. Being an international student I did not have the opportunity to meet or know people before joining the campus. But that was fulfilled by the induction program.

Now I just hope the next two years in SIBM Pune go smoothly (which it’s not going to be) and I achieve the goals for which I have joined this amazing institute.


Huzaifa Zohair First Year MBA student @SIBM, Pune