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Joining SIBM, Pune – The Right Decision

Some random day of June 2013 it was, when I wrote my last engineering paper. ‘Phew! Finally done with college. No more assignments and tests!’  I was pretty sure that I am done with college life…like done FOREVER! Fast forward to a few months later and there I was. My first day at my first job. The job which always made me feel proud about myself. But little did I know that this very job would sow the seed of ‘something bigger’ into my mind. 2-3 months of working in a reputed financial services company made me feel the heat of the cut-throat competition I was facing and also how ill-equipped I was to survive this fierce competition with just an engineering degree. On getting more involved with the workings of the company the seed of MBA in India got planted in my mind. I just couldn’t be on the technical side all my life! Some serious preparation the next few months, a decent SNAP score and a gruelling PI (at the Symbiosis International University) later, I found myself back on this hill-top resort-cum-campus as a student of the 2015-17 MBA batch of SIBM B School in Pune. The first few days of hesitation and nervousness magically turned into an exciting roller-coaster ride thanks to the ice-breaking sessions organized for us which made sure that we let go of our inhibitions and start being a part of this college and this batch.

If I had to pick up one event and say that ‘This just makes my decision of coming here look right!’ then it has to be the alumni session wherein the distinguished alumni of all the four specialisations spoke about their life post MBA in Symbiosis. I remember listening to them and feeling quite content with my decision. Because if these people were anything to go by as to how SIBM moulds your career and shapes your personality, then ‘Yes! I have indeed come to the best B School’. And as we slowly enter the grinding life of a B School, this feeling is getting stronger.  2 years on this beautiful campus (which ironically also makes you wonder if studying here is possible with a scenic view to capture your attention every moment) with 180 extremely talented people, each of them with a diverse background and a unique personality, and not wanting to be left behind you are on your feet every second trying to ‘outperform the rest and prove yourself the best’ (the ultimate aim in life!).

Aptly ending by quoting a dialogue said by me to my friend over the phone recently ‘You know what? If I survive these 2 years then hell yeah! I can face anything and everything in life. Bring it on!!’


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