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Joining SIBM, Pune-The Right Decision

What will I do now??  This question often arise in my mind when I have completed my BBA. With no idea what gonna be next I just happen to apply for MBA via Indian Embassy. After a long month of wait I came to know that I got a chance to study MBA in Symbiosis. Frankly, not known much about this college though I decided to do MBA in Symbiosis since it is one of the best B school!!!

Symbiosis focuses more on learning than teaching“, and what it says it delivers.Symbiosis International University, the name does not need any introduction since it is widely known by mostly everyone.  There are thousands of B school in India,also higher number of B school in Pune among them Symbiosis is one. After completion of my admission procedure I headed towards the college at Lavale, Hilltop. Without any idea about  how the college gonna be, how will be the hostel, how am I gonna adjust there and many more, but when I came here it gave me a great feeling and SIBM will surely have more surprises to deliver in the future.

MBA in India??Oh God!! Will I be able to study there ??Will I be able to adjust and cope up with everyone?? The first thought came to my mind. But the environment over here help me to overcome my anxiety. Now, I gladly say that  Joining SIBM, Pune was  the right decision &  these 2 years will be the most memorable and fruitful for our lives!!!!!


Prasanna Bhattarai- First year MBA student @ SIBM, Pune