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First Symbiosis Film Festival

It was an absolute pleasure to have the mega star of Indian cinema, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Media and Communication, Symbiosis International University, and Mrs Jaya Bachchan, with us in the University campus today, to inaugurate the first Symbiosis Film Festival!!

In his naturally witty manner, and in a speech full of humor, he totally enthralled the jam packed audience… At his age, what is remarkable is Mr Bachchan’s energy, vibe and agility… the spring in his step is to be seen to be believed!!

While these events do continue on campus, we are almost ready for the GEPI process which commences from the 1st…. like a well known bank, SIBM Pune never sleeps, and I must give credit to our exemplary team of faculty and staff, and our exceptional Aspirants Relations Team which is quietly working in the background to ensure that the process goes off smoothly and seamlessly… looking forward to the admissions process now !!