Handshakes, congratulations flowing, loud cheers, and a mood of celebration. | SIBM Blog

Handshakes, congratulations flowing, loud cheers, and a mood of celebration.

The offer letter handing over ceremony, was organized by our Placement Advisory Team ( PAT ) for all the students of the batch today… a proud moment, and the joy, of having obtained the final prize… a good Placement…. was written large on the faces of all the students… Though we had signed out of Placements just over a month ago, due to multiple events, activities, and just a very busy schedule for all, we had deferred this ceremony to today..

This is indeed a unique feature of SIBM Pune, which takes place every year… also a time when the ‘J ‘, the junior placement team, takes charge of the day’s proceedings.. they will officially become the ‘ S ‘ team ( Senior Team ), when the baton is handed over to them on Management Day… which is our Annual Day.. another big day in our calendar..

It was indeed a most satisfying feeling for us, the Faculty and staff of SIBM Pune, that our students have performed so well as far as Placements are concerned… when quite a few very reputed B Schools are still struggling for the same… this just goes to show the caliber of our students, and also is a testament to the efforts of PAT… who have really excelled again….Now, very soon, our 2nd year students will graduate and become alumni!!

SIBM Pune wishes all our would be alumni ( currently still students 😀 ), all the very best, and we pray that they all have illustrious careers and do their Alma Mater proud!!

For all aspirants who aim to join us, introducing to you this unique ceremony of SIBM Pune…. fasten your seat belts for the GEPI process starting on the 1st of February!!