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SIBM,Pune – An experience


SIBM Pune is the word that kept on taunting my ears to get it. I feel so privileged to be into one of the

Prestigious B-School of India .getting into SIBM pune was a dream and I somehow fulfilled it by cracking the SNAP.SIBM is associated with a number of things which makes us feel more proud is the beautiful campus on a hilltop combing the world class education with the eco-friendly environment and nature which helps us in moulding ourselves into a clean and best Alumni. And the faculty and directors , administrators really keep us in achieving the peak positions in our life. SIU which is the apex institute of the Symbiosis made always feel me something very special about the SIBM instead of persuing MBA in India.



My experience of being associated with the family of the SIBM makes me feel more aeriated and I was speechless the moment I got in it. Its really going to be the most valuable and memorable years of our lives which is completely filled with aroma of knowledge, experiences and joy which make a perfect delight for perfect future. Every day is something new , we get new knowledge, new friends and new happenings . I felt that SIBM is the right platform for moulding a piece of log into a handicraft which makes one more demanded and valuable.