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SIBM Pune, an experience : Magic and moments

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. As I was unwinding my way to the Symbiosis International University, my ‘home on the hills’ the only thought which beleaguered my mind was how the beautiful campus can be the  reason for ones undoing.

As we went uphill I could see the path to a life filled will adventure, the ones you see in movies (Yeah, got a glimpse of it in Bodyguard!), hard work and a lot of new friendships unravel before me. Stepping out and fending for your own self seemed a challenging task in the beginning which our senior at the ‘city meet’ quite briefed us about.

But as days passed and new friendship fostered even the massive pre-induction module seemed fun (an overestimation here), the outbound learning, though mostly an in-house experience, the endless seminars and interactions started becoming a part of everyday life.

The amphitheatre which is a resort to budding talented musicians, the mess (quite literally too!), the academic block, short-trips to the refuge where you get all possible variations to healthy ‘drinks’, the massive central library  soon has started becoming a part of me.

2 years down the line as I pass out completing my MBA from Symbiosis, one of the most prestigious institutes in India I see myself as a confident, more aware and a responsible individual  sure to make my alma mater and my parents proud and making life a bit more meaningful following the wilderness of my intuition. To something which will always make me look back and say the most clichéd thing “Those were the best days of my life” capturing all the magic and moments.

Vidushi Kajaria First Year MBA Student @SIBM, Pune