It was a serenely quiet day on campus today, on a Sunday. | SIBM Blog

It was a serenely quiet day on campus today, on a Sunday.

It was a serenely quiet day on campus today, on a Sunday….

Underneath the calm surface, however was a literal whirlpool of activity, with our faculty and staff team barely managing to grab a spot of lunch between the morning and the afternoon sessions… such has been the response this year that inspite of increasing the cutoffs this year, we had more than 10% more qualifying for the GEPI process this year over last year.. the numbers were truly staggering.. and the quality of the candidates is making it really difficult to choose between them… The succesful candidates are likely to get in by just a whisker…!!

Tomorrow is the last day of the process, and while the last several days have been really tiring, and we are all looking forward to a small break, we won’t get one 😞 – we start with all regular activities immediately ) .. but that is life@SIBMPune !!.. yet inspite of this immediate transition to regular work, and the little relief that it will actually bring, there is just this little tinge of regret that the GEPI process is getting over tomorrow… a routine that all of us have been following for the last 10 days or so will change too… and it will be back to business as usual !!

We have an Alumni Meet in Delhi, corporate visits, a minimum of 5 MDPs of 3 days each, to be completed before March 31st, Faculty Development Programs that we are organizing,…and of course, not forgetting the release of the merit lists on Feb 26th…… this is apart from the regular academics!! ….SIBM Pune, as I have said earlier, never sleeps!!