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Annual Management Day!

What an incredible, pulsating day we had today, in our Annual Management Day!

Blessed with the presence of our Hon’ble Chancellor, Dr Mujumdar Sir, our Pro Chancellor, Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar and our Vice Chancellor, Dr Ramakrishnan Raman, and with no less than 10 very senior alumni of SIBM Pune, from the batches of 1982 to 2002… it was indeed a treat for the students to listen to all of them, and to the advice they had for our young future CEOs… 😀!! Our heartfelt thanks to our Management for sparing their time for us!!

Our students got a glimpse of what SIBM Pune has had to go through, in order to become what it has… Rome, and SIBM, have not been built in a day!! It has taken the sustained efforts of our Top Management, all former Directors, faculty, staff, students and very importantly, alumni, to bring it to where it is today… and after 46 years, I would still say that the journey has just begun…. what was incredible that very senior alumni joined in from the USA, Ganesh Natarajan and Akbar Poonawala from the 1983 batch, at 2.30 am, US time, and Sweden as well, Mr Gautam Kumar, from the 2002 batch, apart from Mr Niranjan Gidwani of the 1982 batch who came for just a day from Dubai, to just receive his award…

SIBM is justifiably proud of all its alumni who are its huge, huge strength… all 8000 + of them… and it is indeed their support that is vital for us… on our AMD, we recognize their contributions to us… the minimum that we can do… I would like to express my gratitude to all 10 of them who made it a point to attend today… the highest number so far who have attended the AMD… am indeed proud to be an SIBM Pune alumnus!!

Today is also the day the Students Council Senior Team hands over the charge to the Junior Team… an event that is full of emotions, sentiments, and a feeling of responsibility… but more of that tomorrow!