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A huge water reservoir at the foothills of SIBM, Pune campus

‘Bandhara’ is a water reservoir located at the foothills of Symbiosis Lavale campus which will hold over 35 crore litres of water. This will make Symbiosis Lavale University campus self-sufficient with water supply without any external source of water.

IMG_2292-OptimizedZoomed view from Symbiosis Campus

‘Bandhara’ is Dr.S.B. Mujumdar’s dream project and the dream has now become a reality.

This is possibly first time in the history that an Indian University, where in an  allocation of approximately 50 acres of land has been made for creating a water reservoir – “Bandhara”. The water reservoir can not only make the campus self-sufficient for its needs, but also will help the villages nearby, as the excess water from the reservoir will be used by the surrounding for irrigation. It will also support in rising the water table in the region.


A Panoramic View

There is a jogging track and bird sanctuary that is being planned near ‘Bandhara’ and it will soon become a luxury recreation location for SIBM, Pune students pursuing their two year MBA program at Symbiosis Lavale campus.


IMG_2291-Optimized  A close-up view from the banks of “Bandhara”


Dr R Raman

Director SIBM, Pune