Doing MBA in India has never been advantageous as it’s the season of the startups and economic graphs are heading positive. India is the country of huge demographic advantages. Having the size of the economy doubled just in a decade, the opportunities are galore. When I wrote my SNAP last year, keeping the hope in my mind that one day I will make it to one of the Best B Schools in India, that is Symbiosis International University.

Among the hundreds of B schools erupted in the Pune city, SIBM Pune stands tall in its picturesque and serene abode, the city which has huge historical and industrial importance and legacy. It is not just the educational institute where we learn through books, here we learn through freedom. The beautiful nature, liberal wind, free birds tell us: Explore. Discover. Be liberal.

Education has never been so interesting and practical. Each day is a new learning opportunity. The well studied and scholarly teachers strive to transfer their knowledge to us. The rich library and equivalently rich infrastructure takes SIU to the international levels. The facilities provided to us at the hostel and at the campus are conducive to the mental and physical well being as well. Ultimately that leads to the creative and inspired mind.

Hundreds of budding aspirants like me come here yearly and they find and nurture the true potentials within them. It’s the place where we see to the life as an experience, an opportunity and we make each moment memorable.

It’s a home away from home. We all evolve as one, that’s symbiosis.


First Year MBA student @ SIBM, Pune

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