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SIBM-Pune An Experience!!

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The idea of 2 years away from home in a hilltop campus away from city limits is not very tempting. But then when you enter the SIBM – Lavale campus, it puts all your fears to rest. You don’t realise the enormity of the opportunity that SIBM provides until you catch a glimpse of the campus, meet your peers and interact with the faculty. SIBM offers a complete experience not just in an academic perspective but also enhances one’s inter personal skills. There are a wide variety of activities spread over the campus like the recreational centre, the sports ground, the pool or even the cycle stands placed every 200 meters.

At each step of our induction from day 1, we were made aware of not just what SIBM has in offer for us but also about what was expected of us in return. SIBM puts in us a huge sense of responsibility. We started our group sessions with the talents day, and what a spectacular show it was. Then came the industrial visit to Maxion wheels factory which gave us an exposure to the actual management and running of  a factory. Within a few days of joining SIBM, I got to try my hands at dance, drama and compeering.From then till now it has been an amazing ride. Hoping that my journey at SIBM will build a lifetime of memories to cherish.

-Parvathy S,

First YearMBA student @SIBM, Pune