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SIBM Pune – A walk through the campus

Enter the most talked about Symbiosis campus on the hilltop a little after 2300 hours and here’s what you’ll see. You will be welcomed by your super friendly yet ‘I-know-when-to-be-strict’ security guards; smiling at you when you arrive well in time. A few steps further from the main entrance, you feel amazed to see the beauty that is your college; the scintillating light near the fountain, the landscape and the view from the hilltop overlooking the world. The Symbiosis International University building is designed to tell you that you are meant for bigger things, and it will help you achieve them.

As you walk on towards what feels like an uphill climb you wonder what’s with the eerie silence and the absence of the general population. That is when you slowly approach the place where the families meet, eat and laugh like crazy. And yet the population will be scarce. A few of them strolling here and there, the after dinner walks, the catching up and gossiping.

Two things have definitely happened by now. You have been in awe of the campus and the scenic beauty and you are wondering how will you ever be able to get over it and concentrate on your studies. And the other, if you notice closely, you will have a happy companion walking next to you. Meet ‘Whisky’, the love-thirsty companion who meets you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, picks you up at the hostel, makes sure you reach the mess safely, eat healthily and then drops you off at college so you study well. And that’s not enough. When you are done for the day, she will be there to see you the moment you walked down the stairs. For dog-lovers, you will love Whisky. And for those who are scared of dogs, like me, but have friends who love dogs, you’ll get used to having Whisky around.

So, now let’s keep walking. Onwards from the mess you walk, and you realize that the world is indeed both, hugely populated and yet surprisingly small! Right from the OGH (Old Girls Hostel), you start seeing people, some will be your new friends and some you probably met after ages. The hilltop campus of SIU houses a number of colleges and that makes this a world full of lovely characters and personalities. And trust me it is going to take half a night to finally reach the finale of the journey. As you go on talking to your friends, meeting a few others and making new relations, you will witness laughter, gossip, happiness, songs, dances, and everything that will make you want to forget that one must sleep.

And finally, once you reach the night canteen, you realize you have forgotten that another world exists. Accompanied by the tasty toasts or the cold coffee or the hot chocolate, the scene is set for the night. You meet your seniors, get some insights, and you don’t realize how the topic has suddenly changed and now you are discussing the world issues, politics and everything else under the sun. Or probably you will be found on a table working on your group assignments.

That’s when our security reminds us, it’s time to sleep and you remember you have a class to attend tomorrow. And you know it will be another exciting day tomorrow because you are in one of the best B-schools in the country. The beginning of the journey has already been so eventful and alluring, there is already a bag full of memories and the list of best moments is endless. It is now time to take on the journey in full swing. Located in the city of Pune, atop a proud hill, you know life is going to be thrilling, challenging, grilling and exciting. And you know you will come out stronger.