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SIBM PUNE ~ a new beginning

Life has a strange way of making things fall into place.

My story is different from many of the others studying here. An year back I wasn’t even sure that I’d be doing an MBA and here I am now at SIBM Pune , one of the finest B-schools India has to offer.

The journey has just started off and after a long time in life I feel that I am somewhat near to what I want to be or could be. It wasn’t easy as I was there in the waitlist for quite a long time till I made it through. I didn’t have many options at hand but I knew that just this one could turn things around. Finally the prayers did pay off and I made it.

The Symbiosis International University campus is breathtakingly beautiful. Right from my balcony I can see the green valley and be lost amidst the clouds that sift through the grey mountains. I have never found myself so close to nature before.

MBA is enlightening, here you meet people with varied levels of intellectualism and from a plethora of educational backgrounds. People are wiser ,more  focused and less judgemental. The ambience in itself is so uplifting that you do not need extra motivation. Education is no longer bookish but application oriented. Participation is fun and although I am not much of an extrovert myself I already see a lot of improvement  on what one may say “socializing or networking”.

All I have is a strong gut feeling that there are good things awaiting  and all it needs is some sincerity and lots of enthusiasm. Life is going to change for the better, not just for me but for all of us.

So, let’s have a lot of fun and make the best of the two years we have at hand.


Aparajita Mridha , 1st Year MBA Student , SIBM Pune