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SIBM Pune: A hill of dreams

Life is too short to realize your mistakes and even shorter to celebrate your achievements. Feats do come your way as you stroll down the path of your dreams. In your way you will be shoved down and pulled back but you have to work hard enough to grab the opportunity. One such rare triumph is SIBM Pune, one of the best B School in the country. Joining Symbiosis is an amazing experience, when you enter the symbiosis society, you will witness the Common Man Statue, the bewildered and bespectacled man, who is the representative of the hopes, aspirations and foibles of an average Indian. That is the underlining statement of symbiosis, since 1978 it has been creating a symbiosis of different students by mutual interaction and development. Take a proper corporate blend, a pinch of industry exposure, a teaspoon of competitive environment, add an attitude of street smartness, stir it completely and garnish it with knowledge, that’s an SIBM product for you. I am hoping to realize my true potential and strive hard to be worthy of it. I would like to sign off now by saying that I was dreaming for a mountain but found a hill of dreams.