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5 things to know before applying for an MBA or MBA(I&E) at SIBM,Pune

SIBM Pune established in 1978, is a premier B-School in India recognized for excellence in academics, high quality management programme and the valuable contributions that we make to industry, society and students. We are a student driven B School with an illustrious alumni base, exemplary students, outstanding full time faculty and numerous visiting faculty members from the corporate and industry.
SIBM Pune is always ranked among the top 10 B Schools in India and one among the top three private B Schools in the country.There are many reasons for SIBM, Pune to have an unstinting support from corporate include and one must know these five facts before applying for an MBA or MBA (I&E) at SIBM, Pune .

1) Quality of Intake
We have  kept the strength of the batch constant. This has been done in spite of thousands of students who aspire to get into SIBM, Pune. This has ensured “quality” to be exceptional. Hence corporate houses are always keen to recruit from SIBM, Pune

2) Innovation in Programme structure 
We have constantly taken the current needs and the future needs of the corporate into consideration  while we design and revamp courses. Many schools only look at the current need and try to fill the gap.
We look at the futuristic need and impart  knowledge to our students with the rigorous course curriculum designed for the same.Courses like-  Doing Business in India , Moral Re-Armament Programme, Indian Ethos and Values for Management, Design Thinking , Management Consulting, Capstone Project and Defense , Digital Marketing are very uniquely designed  and have added immense value to the students.

2) Emphasis on Knowing, Being and Doing
We have taken the lessons from book “Rethinking the MBA” by Dr Srikant M. Datar and Dr David A. Garvin . In fact Prof. Dr. Srikant M. Datar who is a Professor at Harvard Business school is a mentor for Symbiosis and SIBM,Pune has followed the  philosophy of “Knowing,Being and Doing”, which has helped us immensely in making our B School Unique.

3) Focus on Innovation

While many talk of innovation, we have a full time MBA programme on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Corporate houses have applauded the curriculum. The chief mentor for the programme is Dr.Mashelkar himself ! Our focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship has helped us stand out as a unique B School in India.

4) Opportunity to work on cutting edge application research
Be it the IBM funded research project in the Digital Analytics or the Mahindra’s funded research project on ‘Skill Development’, we always have our MBA students to work on these projects, and they are mentored by our faculty members.This has helped our MBA students to get a “real time” opportunity to apply what they learn and also learn from the challenges thrown while working on these live projects.
5) SNAP the only gateway for an entry into MBA or MBA(I&E) at SIBM, Pune
SNAP remains the only gateway for seeking an admission into the MBA or MBA(I&E) programme SIBM, Pune.
Dr R Raman
Director- SIBM, Pune
Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU