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Integration of Analytics in Operations

SIBM Pune was delighted to host Mr. Serge De Vos, Director Global Finance, Commercial and People Operations, MD Global Capability Center and Mr. Dinesh Khanna, Head – Talent Attraction of Anheuser-Busch InBev India for a guest lecture on the integration of analytics in Operations.

Mr. De Vos shed light on how a team needs to equip itself with both generalists and workforce that is skilled at the advanced technologies like AI, Machine learning, NLP and RPA. He walked us through various use cases where the application of analytics has reduced the turnaround time of tasks, increasing the efficiency of the processes. He also emphasized on how Data has become the new oil, and the need to harness the potential it holds.

Dr Raman

Director – SIBM Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU