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Imperio 3.0 successfully concluded at SIBM Pune

SIBM Pune was honored to host Mr. Suresh Chettiar, Business Head, Volvo Buses South Asia and Mr. Heinzsten Peter, Director HR, Volvo Buses India for Imperio 3.0 organized by Corporate Interface Team, SIBM Pune.
Mr. Chettiar conducted a leadership session on ‘Leadership through change – Changes in social scenario’ where he discussed how as future leaders we could cope up with disruption. In the talk, Mr. Chettiar elaborated on the current trends in the commercial automobile sector, technological shifts and shifts in needs and demands geopolitically. To cope up with the changes in today’s context and changing demands, Mr. Chettiar shared that it is imperative for organizations to change their approach as in future mobility and sustainability will be the key. 
Mr. Heinzsten Peter conducted a session on ‘People and automotive sector’. Keeping the setting informal, Mr. Heinzsten encouraged students to think out of the box and think of transportation and automotive sector not as something that transcends need and luxury but something that empowers individuals and gives them freedom and liberty. He further discussed the evolution in the sector due to several technological disruptions that now empowers this sector to not only cater to just needs but also provides a wholesome experience to the customer. He also explained the challenges faced today by the industry where they also have to educate customers as putting products in markets is not enough.
Dr R Raman
Director – SIBM Pune
Dean – FOM – SIU