Prof. Chipalkatti Niranjan, from Seattle University USA at SIBM Pune

Prof. Chipalkatti Niranjan, is a PhD from  University of Massachusetts and an ACA who is presently  Professor and Chair, Dept. of Accounting and the Program Director, MPAC at Seattle University- USA.

Over his teaching career,Prof. Chipalkatti Niranjan, has taught various accounting courses including graduate and undergraduate intermediate accounting, introductory accounting, international accounting, auditing, and accounting information systems. He has presented his research findings at various conferences including those conducted by the American Accounting Association and the Financial Management Association. Dr. Chipalkatti has also worked as a business valuation consultant in Ohio. In this capacity, he has conducted continuing education seminars on business valuation related issues. He is currently also an accounting advisor for Entomo, a software firm that is a leader in sell-through revenue recognition solutions.

Prof. Chipalkatti Niranjan,  was at SIBM Pune to share his knowledge with the students and faculty members of SIBM Pune

Dr Raman

Director – SIBM Pune


Dean- Faculty of Management – SIU

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