Mahindra War Room, 2017 – Campus Evaluation Round

The campus evaluation round of Mahindra War Room, a case study competition, was held at the SIBM Pune. Mr. Vijay Paradkar, Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions and Mr. David Projwal, Employer Branding & Recruitment, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, were part of the panel of judges for this round.

All student presentations were followed by a Q&A with the judging panel. The presentation skills and research acumen of students were appreciated by the judges. THREE team from SIBM Pune namley

‘Basanti Ke Teen Ghode’,  ‘BlazingGlory’, and  ‘Hail Hydra’ were declared as the winners of the campus evaluation round of Mahindra War Room, 2017.

Dr R Raman

Director – SIBM Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU


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