The ticking clock- Nerd’s day out!

Posted By SIBM Student

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It’s 7:00 A.M, or as they say it at SIBM, its 0700 hours, and I see my roommates wake up to the melodious version of “VandeMataram” that plays on campus every morning. It serves as an alarm clock for many of us, but I was already up by then. A class quiz was to be held today, and I was reading up on a few chapters as I anticipated a difficult test. At the back of my mind though, I was waiting for the sound of the light “thud” at my door.

Thud! My newspaper was here. The sound was louder than usual, for the plain reason that my roommates had subscribed for the paper too, as the quiz was on Economics and we all needed to be well-versed, not only with the current happenings, but also with the intricacies and rationale of all major policy decisionsalong with the shift in economic contours that were expected. It was a lot to ask of us, but SIBM does push one to the limit, and frankly, I enjoy that.

Somehow squeezing the time for breakfast and studies in the morning, I reach the Academic Block at 0900 hours. I dislike being late, especially when there is immense value addition from each and every class and course that is offered- be it Marketing or Microeconomics.

The test was difficult as expected. The best part is the discussion with my friends in the aftermath of such a test. While half of them are blaming their unlucky stars and gloating, others are sheepishly laughing, complaining that the test was a mockery of their intelligence. Indeed, the assignments and exams are tough, but we all know, that is how it’s meant to be.

The classes get over at 1700 hours, and half the batch is found at the canteen or the library, already working on the assignment due tomorrow. I prefer to stay in the library, for the sole reason that we all the peace and solitude it has to offer on top of the striking hilly locale, the collection of books and material is ample to satisfy one’s appetite for knowledge.

As I walk back to the mess for dinner after spending a few hours in the library, I get a mail stating that a lecture and doubt session was being held by one of the special interest groups of the college on Sales and Distribution Channels at 2200 hours. Though I was tired by then, I was eager to attend the meet as it is very informative, with our own seniors and sometimes guest lecturers teaching us certain topics with relevant examples, which in turn give us better understanding of the functioning of the world than any text book ever can.

As I go back at around midnight back to my room, I realised the mail reading Thursday and recalled not submitting a very important beacon report for the committee I worked for in SIBM’S Student Council. It needed to be submitted by Friday, and well, given the circumstances, the examinations, assignments and classes; I completely forgot which day of the week it was. “These things happen at SIBM“, I told myself and immediately got on to finish the work.

“I really need to buy a calendar and a table lamp”. It is going to be a long night, and one of many.

-Preet Mehta

MBA 1- Marketing