Dear Family Friend

Posted By SIBM Student

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I may not have stepped in this world with you, but since the day we met, it feels that we emerged from a single place, born and brought up together, none less than own siblings’- a true line which can be said to not many, but only a few good buddies.
Naomi Judd has truly quoted “Solitude is creative’s best friend and solitude is refreshment for our souls.” In simple words it implies that friends are an integral part of our life. Be it a source of refreshment, or be it a reliable source where you can drain all your worries- a true friend serves all purposes. Some people choose friends of opposite sex, while a few prefer same, some choose books while rest choose pets, but all choose someone or something as their friend. For some, it takes hardly any time to mingle and become close, while some realize it when they are parted far away, expecting the time to walk back but have to anyway regret.

I am a graduate, completed my schooling where during the farewell times thousands of promises were made of keeping contacts forever, but it hardly took time to prove the validity of the fact that time matters a lot. Completed my college, where over the four years of journey, became a batch-mate friend, a junior friend, a senior friend, departmental friend, club friend, hostel friends and most luckily ‘bhai waale’ friends. In every phase of life, one has differences of thoughts with others and so did I have, but still found myself very lucky to have a few friends with whom even though I had conflicts over thoughts but at the end ‘the hug’ and ‘tu sahi tha’ mattered.

I don’t exactly remember how I met with those few- but sitting far away from them, I cherish each and every moment spent with them and deeply crush every single moment where I made them feel anguish. Family, indeed used for blood relatives, but I don’t hesitate to include the names of those friends in the family list. From completing each other’s assignments, to gearing up each other for the placements, from teasing each other to leaving no stone unturned to celebrate each other’s achievement, from stealing each other’s food items to asking each other at the end of the day- ‘tu kaisa hai,’ and from suffering from the pain of being far away to not missing any opportunity to embrace each other, ‘I love you dear friend’ is the statement where I don’t feel ashamed to confess, my friend.
Just like an iron rod gets rusted, but still holds on and gets fresh when painted again, I have complete faith on our strong bond too despite the miles of distance we maintain, we will return to each other whenever required and possible.

– Sekhar Chowdhary ( MBA 1 Finance)