The Employee Story

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Published On: January 24, 2018Categories: Featured, Sam - The Nerd, Student Blog0 Comments on The Employee Story
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The job of an HR as per numerous books is for them to choose the right individual for the right role. I believe that dealing with an individual on a personal level isn’t just the duty of an HR representative.

An organisation usually looks at an employee as a cost centre to the company and AI being the answer to numerous cost-saving prayers. However, there’s another less spoken off side to the employee story. A motivated and well taken care of employee also tends to be a brand ambassador for the company. I see this from the faculty at SIBM Pune who have years of work experience backing their statements as well as friends who are ex-employees of particular organisations. Both of these groups of people (reference groups) tend to influence my perception of their previous organisations. They turn out to be lifelong ambassadors.

There are organisations out there that believe that employees will do anything for money. Money or incentives as a recent article in my college magazine calls it, is perceived to be the sole motivator. That is the conundrum. Try to not make an incentive the ultimate motivator, and you have more than an organisation, you have a lifestyle.

Feel, care, and listen, even if you’re not in the HR department. If you work with a team, you deal with humans who feel, care and listen. Employees are more than just resources and capitalising on this part of an organisation is starting to become a trend in the industry.

– Craig Pinto, MBA 1