Some more images of SIBM Pune… !!

Posted By Shrirang Altekar

Published On: March 3, 2024Categories: Featured0 Comments on Some more images of SIBM Pune… !!
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Some more images of SIBM Pune…!! Specially for our alums, to entice them back to their Alma Mater, and the incoming batch, to see their home for the next 2 years… but as I have often said, the pictures do not do justice to the campus!! Quite a few merit listed students who attended #Guftagu have written to me that they felt almost at home with SIBM after the session and enjoyed it… that was indeed the objective, am glad about the same!

One of the hallmarks of an institution being a great place to work, is one’s missing it, on a day off!! But much as one would want to be there on the off day, it is necessary to rest and recuperate for one day… especially when one knows, that the next week is going to be crazily hectic ( which, at SIBM, is practically every week ???? ) And next week is no exception!!

One special point I want to make here – over the last week, I have had visitors who met me, saying that they had been promised by someone ( name not disclosed ) that they could get direct admission to SIBM, even without SNAP…there are even some advertisements on social media promising ” direct admission to SIBM Pune”. I appeal to all to please not fall victim to such advertisements or promises. We have filed police complaints in some cases… there is NO direct admission to any Institute of Symbiosis. All admissions are through the normal and proper University process, and SNAP is a MUST. In case anyone makes such a promise, please bring it our notice and do not fall for the bait…

Will be back tomorrow evening, have 2 major events tomorrow…. that is apart from the normal academic activities, that is!! Have a great Sunday!!