Different strokes… different shades….

Posted By Shrirang Altekar

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Sunset, as seen from the Lavale hill top campus yesterday… how can we define or describe this campus? It simply defies description!! A 400 + acre campus spread over the hill top and hill base, housing some of the best Institutes in the Symbiosis family, including the flagship, #SIBMPune

I still remember, when SIBM shifted here in 2008, there was almost nothing here… and we were left wondering as to where we had landed up… but kudos to the vision of our Chancellor Dr. S.B. Mujumdar Sir and our Pro Chancellor Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, that what was a barren hill, bereft of most of the things we see today, has been transformed into a throbbing, exciting, vibrant, University headquarters… full of students, activities, life, and nature… a campus where clouds compete to be with students in the monsoon… where we can see peacocks and other fauna in abundance, where the diversity of flora is mind boggling..

While the days are full of academic rigor, the evenings take on a different hue and vibrancy altogether… a place where, in sync with the vision of Dr Mujumdar Sir, students from all over the country and from other nations as well, eat, play and study together… the very essence of our motto, Vasudeiva Kutumbakkam, the world is one family !!