SIBM, Pune- The first few days

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When I visited the campus for my interview in February, my breath was taken away by the beauty of the hilltop campus. Little did I know it will become even more beautiful during the monsoons, which arrived here with the batch of 2017. The views of the other hills covered with clouds during the rain are always mesmerizing and often make me feel this is something I need to get used to quickly else my two years would be spent in appreciating the beauty rather than studying.

The initial 15 days have been amazing, with us getting the opportunity to explore the campus, all its facilities like recreational area, where most of the evenings are spent in the overcrowded badminton court or the basketball turf or working out in the gymnasium. All this will soon change in the days to come, or so I’ve heard, with the pressure of academics. We got a glimpse of that during the pre-induction test, when not a soul was outside the hostel, preparing for the test in their rooms.

The seniors began to arrive from their summer internships after our pre-induction test and we interacted with them on every opportunity we got, bombarding them with our numerous queries, and they answered each one of them patiently and satisfactorily. They also showed us how this is the best student-run institute, where all the corporate meets, alumni meets, sports functions and even the placements are handled by the students only.

The institute also took efforts in organizing talent rounds, ice-breaking and team building sessions in the first week, which not only helped everyone to showcase their talents, but also laid the foundation for the ever-lasting friendships for a lot of people. With all these happening in the first 15 days, I can only imagine what the two years are going to be like, but I can rest assured that they would be the best years of my life.

Sahil Sejra First Year MBA Students @ SIBM, Pune