SIBM, Pune experience – MAGIC!

Posted By Chinmai

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Three words that keep playing in my head every time I wait for the ‘Symbus’ ride from hill base to hill top – ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

In reality, however, the SNAP test conducted by Symbiosis International University, was my stairway to the Best B School in Pune, one of the most prestigious MBA Institutes in India, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM). After having spent a year in isolation, preparing for the most dreaded MBA entrance exams, the gates of the 300 acre lush, picturesque, breathtaking, ethereal, spectacular, windy (I can go on, but you have to see it to believe it Lavale campus bustling with activity, definitely had a revitalizing effect on my mind, body, and soul.

The two week long induction program hosted by SIBM, which I believe is the longest offered by any B School in India, was very thoughtfully organized by the faculty and supporting staff and I would truly like to appreciate their efforts on behalf of my entire batch. We were flooded with a multitude of activities ranging from powerful speeches and motivational talks by eminent personalities from the industry as well as the alumni, inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs to purely entertaining ice breaking games and cultural performances which unleashed the best in each of us. However, the three day outbound period sure did top my list. We all witnessed team work at its best. We were asked to produce instant advertisements for various industries/products and the level of creativity that emerged from within each individual was highly commendable. We played a number of blood pumping strategic games but the one that I enjoyed the most was ‘The Longest Line’ wherein we had to form the longest line using anything on our body. We had a pool of wacky ideas and without even a moment’s hesitation; my fellow teammates had lined up an array of credit cards, wallets, spectacles, shoelaces, restaurant bills, bus tickets, and so much more. Three days of what some might call ‘Learning by Doing’, an insight into the miracles teamwork can do, healthy competition, and above all, having loads of fun with the innumerable friends I made during my journey so far (There wasn’t a single day I felt homesick).

I am beginning to think that MBA in SIBM, Pune is edutainment of some sort, where not only knowledge but also personal relationships, free thinking, innovation, and the myriad of extra-curricular activities is the driving force.


Chinmai Mulay- First Year SIBM Student