SIBM , Pune – An experience.

Posted By sangeeta

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The sweet sound of rain outside my hostel window taps perfectly well with the music that my keyboard creates at this particular moment. And as I think of what got me sitting here in this balcony today, admiring the beautiful campus around me, a humble sense of pride and accomplishment kicks in.

Though success has very strong sense of individuality attached to it, but each one of us unanimously strive for it ; we all crave for the stability it brings along. And my journey to the first step of this triumph started with an average performance in CAT and the thrill to excel in SNAP, the door to the reputed degree of MBA in Symbiosis International University.

My first interaction with SIBM , Pune ( the arduous GE-PI-WAT rounds ) made me fall in love with the culture of the institution : the culture of a student – driven institute , the culture that brings along a sense of belongingness to each student of the Symbiosis family. And I think apart from the academic figures and numbers it is this culture , inculcated over time, that made SIBM , Pune stand at par with the top and the best B – Schools in India.

2nd June, this year , as I drove from the airport towards the Lavale campus, the long empty roads carving my path to the hill top, weaved in my mind the pathway that would lead me to the zenith of my success. Mesmerized by the beautiful campus and the smiling faces around ,that feeling led me to a peaceful slumber that night, one really unexpected being away from home. The induction program that we were exposed to and the amount of effort put into the fortnight long arrangement by the faculty members definitely reflects the trust SIBM , Pune has on its incoming batch and me being a part of this batch seeded in me a sense of responsibility that I now hold towards the institution.

The sweet rays of the morning sun at this hill top wakes me up every day and a glance from my window over the deep valley speaks volumes about the goal that I need to achieve here. The beautiful journey that lays ahead of me, untracked , unexplored , calls for hunger and passion and with each passing day of the two year long stay , ‘the’ SIBM, Pune is unfolding itself into ‘my’ SIBM, Pune…


Sangeeta Baruah

First Year MBA Student @ SIBM , Pune