Choosing SIBM- 1st step of a 1000 mile journey

Posted By Shruti

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Sometimes big decisions are taken in what may seem like the most frivolous of manners.

SIBM was the first one of the Institutes I had applied to, to come out with its shortlist. It seemed right to secure my admission here rather than losing my seat for a figurative ‘bird in the bush’.

That was all the thought that went into the decision.

It was only when the other universities came out with their results, that the real turmoil began. Each one seemed better than the other. While one was superior in terms of Alumni base, the other had better faculty, and a third was rated amongst the top 10 in India by a leading Business magazine. To add to this confusion were the innumerous formalities which, I knew, would follow in case of a transfer. It was the lack of certainty that bothered me the most.

That’s when I recalled my first visit to Lavale Campus. What had appealed to me more than the elegant architecture and the breathtaking landscape was the attitude that the campus buddies carried. Dressed in prim formals, they gave an impression of utmost order and efficiency. Slightly intimidating, but hugely alluring. Most importantly, they exuded a sense of dependability.

And then I made my choice.

SIBM it was.

The choice was quite natural and straightforward, but I’m sure the path ahead is not going to be that simple. It is going to be riddled with uncertainty and unpredictability, sufficient to deter the strongest of minds. On such nights, I hope I can see the possibilities behind the uncertainties and sense the accomplishment hidden beneath the trials.

And then I’m sure, armed with the ammunition of knowledge and wisdom, we’ll sail through the troughs and crests of this journey like champions.