The Legend of the Valley

Posted By SIBM Student

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The green grass grew greatSrijita
The flowers never bloomed late.
The colors were many
Bright, beautiful and sunny.

The valley remained hidden
None came unbidden.
Away from the human eye
Where none could ever spy.

At the center was a tree

Home of many a bird and bee.
The branches swayed gently
In the breeze that came quietly.

At its base was a patch
Nothing green, only thatch.
One touch to it, feathery and light.
Suddenly the entire valley went quiet.

A loud roar is heard
Terrifying every man, animal and bird.
“Leave, this is not you place
Leave, to save your grace.”

The valley seems alert
With an intent to hurt
The foolish intruder
Or the evil invader.

“Step back
Have the sense you lack.
Leave, when you still can
Or be punished by the clan.”

“Our beloved princess slumbers
In peace, without fears.
Leave, if you value your life
Leave, if you do not want strife.”

One step back and the breeze blows
Flowers smile and the river flows.
The sky is sunny and clear
The valley is filled with cheer.

As I write this, years laterdance
Marveling the Creator.
His wonders, His tricks
And this world that is a mix.

-Srijita Sarkar