Outbound Education @ Han Yang University

Posted By SIBM Student

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Joining SIBM Pune is one of the biggest event of my life.
Being a part of one of the most prestigious colleges for MBA gives you the challenges, opportunity and knowledge that will cement the base for the coming years.
It is giving you a chance to compete with the selected few brightest minds of the country and opens platforms for your constant learning from the corporate, faculty and students.
One of the quality that sets SIBM Pune apart from the rest is its student driven college culture.
It is all about the manager that you wish to become.
Ever since You decide to enter this field you must know that you should constantly learn not only from the course curriculum and peers but also from every other possible avenue that you come across.

Exchange/ winter/ summer program is one of the opportunities that is provide by SIBM that gives its students a chance to go outside the boundaries of the home university in India and learn in a different country.

It tests the capabilities and knowledge that we have acquired and helps an individual to develop more profound skill sets that are necessary and more global.
It provides you exposure to various cultures that is an important quality to help develop an exhaustive view and develop an understanding towards the different business structures and cultures. Most of all its an experience of a life time.


-Ritika Gupta