More than a dozen registered startups operating at SIBM Pune campus

Posted By Dr. R Raman

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I am extremely happy to share with you that we have 14 registered startups, which have registered their firms and are operating from SIBM Pune .SIBM Pune is possibly the only B School which has a very high number of startups across several sectors from Technology startups to Food Processing.

Almost all of have clients and are making money by offering their product / services to their clients

The below information gives some information about each one of them

Career Incubator is a startup by Yash sanghavi and is a education and employment company. This start up deals with aggregation of career Service

EduPristine is a startup by Rahul Rathod and Paulochen and is a EdTech company. This start up deals with public speaking practice platform ( )

Dhanisha SurgySure Private Limited is a startup by Ujjwal Kumar and is a medical devices company. This start up deals with Selling C- Arm machines.

PawshBox is a startup by Vartika Tripathi is a Pet Supplies company. This start up deals with subscription of pet supplies and listing & booking service on website. Integrated studio conisting of a pet store, veterinary clinic and grooming salon in Baner, Pune. (

Vedic Way is a startup by Siddhida Thobde is a Certified A2 milk company. This start up deals with Monthly A2 milk subscription, connecting desi cow farmerswith customers looking for certified A2 organic milk. (

Fiknik Club is a startup by Sanchit Narsaria and is a Leisure and Entertainment company. This start up deals with LeisureMembership Club for families. ( )

Orion Enterprises is a startup by Sucharita Aneja and is a paints and varnishes company. This start up deals with trading in liquid Wallpapers in an innovative fashion

LogiCom solutions is a startup by Deepak Digga and is a transportation company. This start up deals with freight exchange, which aggregates all the transporters and allows businesses and consumers to hire trucks for their transportation requirement.

Two Hazy Circles is a startup by Shaurya Munjal and is an education and training company. This start up deals with promotiong expression through communication and creativity in school and college students

Ignite is a startup by Manan Jambusaria, is a Edtech company. This start up has created a platform for unconventional school education where courses such as Drones , Robotics , Inner engineering , leadership , Life Skills and other unconventional courses which are not offered in Indian schools are offered on the app at a Rs. 249 a month

TOY MEALS is a startup by Jevil Modi, is a food and beverage company. This start up deals with providing nutritious and delicious meal based cartoon and sports theme for child of 7-14 years.

MAS Latex is a startup by Dipanjan Saha, is a rubber and automobile company. This start up deals with manufacturing of ISNR grade rubber for supply to tyre companies.

Bhakte is a startup by Raman C V, is a e-commerce company. This start up deals with online portal for hindu religious products and services.

RangePlus Networks is a startup by Shardul Sawant is a telecommunication company. This start up deals with provoding a unique and affordable wireless solution leveraging solar power, to improve the quality of network connectivity provided to mobile subscribers living in rural and urban area.

Dr R Raman

Director – SIBM Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU