SIBM, PUNE – The journey so far

Posted By apoorva.mishra17

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It all began when I got a call for the interview for admission to Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune. At that time, I thought it to be just as good as any other reputed Institute offering an MBA, but as I approached the campus of Symbiosis International University; I got a feeling that this place was a tad different. On reaching the campus, the smiling faces and the breathtaking sights further strengthened the feeling.
Sitting snug atop a hill, the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management truly stands by its name. Since 1978, it has provided numerous students from diverse backgrounds, the environment to come together and learn in perfect harmony.
As I was leaving after the interview, I turned around and saw the campus recede into the distance. In that very moment, I knew I wanted to come back to pursue an MBA from SIBM.
This wish of mine came true on the day of the results. I was ecstatic as I read the mail that confirmed my admission to one of the best B schools in India.
At first, I had my apprehensions as I had never lived so far from home but they disappeared gradually as we became engaged in all the activities that came along with our beautifully designed Induction Programme.
I now eagerly look forward to a fun-filled two years at SIBM Pune that will give me lessons that will last a lifetime 🙂


“The hills are magnificent, so they inspire you to be
yet reminding you of your insignificance, they set you free”