The Sleeper from Seattle

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SIBM, Pune – An experience

Data Log 1: Entering the Stratosphere

The space port will hold that’s what they say. We pray that whatever god watches over us to guide us to safety. Despite the turbulence we faced, our spaceship has landed on the Terra planet known as Earth located in the Milky Way. Our ship has taken minimum damage and we are all thankful to be alive. The captain informs us that we have landed at Coordinates 18.5203° N, 73.8567° E.

We do not question what caused our thrusters to give out, we only know we must repair our ship before the inhabitants of this planet find us, we have managed to cloak our presence and repairs have begun.

The fauna and flora of this place intrigues us with its alien presence. The temperature of the area fluctuates; I shiver from the cold at night.


Data log 2: Stumble

Our engineers assure us we will be airborne by the coming night. I decide to explore beyond the wilderness that surrounds us. There seems to be a number of large alien structures that sprawl across the hill, they look strong and several land based ships travel from the base of the hill to the top, I ask my lieutenant to activate his cloaking device so that we may explore further undetected.

It is clear that we have stumbled upon a place of great importance, wide roads connect the various beautiful and elaborate structures that house these aliens, there are several mechanisms that control the flow of water creating decorative displays and the flora melds and surrounds the alien structures, truly these species have found a way to live sustainably. I see the exuberance of these aliens as they engage in play across wide spaces of green, they engage in several activities but one observable trait i can note is their happiness.

If only I could commune with them.


Data log 3: The Sleeper

We have begun walking towards a great set of steps which leads to the entrances of several structures which are linked to each other, I marvel at their architecture. I decide it is best to visit the structure that overlooks the hill top a quaint but fascinating building. Several smaller doorways are present in the structure each leading to a room where a great number of chairs have been placed. I begin to ponder the purpose of this place as i observe the presence of projectors and various electronics.

This is where I encountered the sleeper a name I dubbed for the alien, it was alone in the quiet room with its head cradled in its arms resting on the table, it seemed to be in an inactive state, I was unsure if the alien was resting or unwell. I approach with caution, despite knowing that I was undetectable to its visual receptors, I touch the forehead of the alien to sense its thoughts.

A wave of emotions passes through me.


Data log 4: The Experience

I can see into the mind of the sleeper, the marvelous place we have stumbled upon is an institution of learning; I see smiles and many moments of happiness. The alien calls this place Symbiosis. A Flash of words cross my mind they are difficult for me to fathom – MBA, International, India, Pune, SNAP, Specializations. It takes me a moment to understand that these are the thoughts of this Alien, I assume the word SNAP haunts the alien as it was a critical factor that decide the turning point of its life, perhaps it was a test or trial that one had to succeed in. I also sensed several positive emotions such as happiness and joy which dominate its mind because it had managed to gain entry into this institution. Several message cross my mind as I delve deeper into its thoughts, such as its wonderful interactions with others, the kindness of its teachers and oddly enough the delectable food available at its new home.

I decide to close the connection between our minds this truly was a wonderful place if such positive emotions outflow from just a single being.

I was envious.


Data log 5: Going Home

Me and my lieutenant make it back to the ship, I was enamored by my experience.

I Stay silent for the rest of the night as the engineers make the final repairs. I look back at my memories of the Sleeper and Symbiosis, the beauty, the architecture and the exuberance of the youthful aliens.

I decide that perhaps we need not invade this planet as we originally intended too.


Temsumongba Samuel Pongen First Year MBA Student @ SIBM Pune