SIBM, Pune experience – The Best Moments

Posted By Prachi Jain

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From taking SNAP in the advent season…declaration of scores in the new year…interviews during valentine week…to the beginning of a new session in the monsoons…I found that pursuing MBA in Symbiosis, a perfect platform to fulfill my dreams.

The first day at the campus, beautiful campus, as talking about Symbiosis International University, SIBM campus without mentioning the beauty, positive aura of the surrounding, awesome infrastructure would be doing injustice to this beauty located in Lavale! After reaching the new hostel room, I was all excited to meet my new roommates. “Log pai bhaal lagil” (Nice to meet you!J) The first sentence I learnt from my new roommate in Assamese and eventually found many common interests to talk about ranging from movies to common pestering habits. Such diversity and mix of cultures, always keeps you charged up and jovial!

Our first day excitement also witnessed many familiar faces trying to identify each other through the socials platforms we interacted before the beginning of the session, with various astonished exclamations on meeting in person! Interacting with many new people on campus, loading our brain’s excel with number of images and corresponding names, hometown and introductions, testing our neural capacity to its maximum limits on the first day itself !!

The pre-induction program commenced from 3rd June, where all we future managers assembled in the auditorium in perfect white formals. Many positivity and vigour inducing words from our Director, VC, Corporates, Administration, Faculties boosted our morale and further stressing on the fact that there can be “no rainbow without rain!”

The ice-breaking and bonding sessions were fun, with many funny moments like cutting of a cake by a birthday boy in dumbcharades activity being interpreted as dividing kingdoms by a king!! These special cherished moments were well captured in the form of a video and presented to students on the very next day as a surprise gift to everyone’s joy. The talent round, whose preparation in the limited time was super fun, saw many new star performers of our batch, actors, singers, dancers, stand up comedians apart from the good manager skills which each one possessed and will be honed in the coming two years.

My love for outdoor activities and passion for sports was rejuvenated here with an awesome recreation centre. Cycling (after a long span of time in awesome weather and terrain), badminton , basketball, carrom, zumba, yoga were some of the activities I like and could lay my hands on, in the first few weeks. However there are so many more avenues yet to be explored!

So much has chanced in the two week’s time itself, I can’t wait to gear myself more for the two year journey ahead. Looking forward to many more things lined up…interaction with seniors, business competitions, class lectures, presentations ,assignments, internal external evaluations to list a few!! The photo albums have already been loaded in this short span of time with many cherished memories, I am sure even a 2TB hard disk would be less to capture and reminiscence the times we will be spending here in shaping our dreams in the coming two years! Aptly said by Lyman Frank,

“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”.

Prachi Jain

MBA -I Year