Professor from SIBM Pune gives lessons on consulting to KAIST-A university ranked 40 by QS in its global ranking !

Posted By Dr. R Raman

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I am glad to to share with all of you that Prof.Dr. Prabir Bandyopadhyay visited Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology – KAIST and delivered seminar to students and faculty members on his consulting experience.

Prof. Bandyopadhyay also delivered a seminar to a select group of research professor who are working on Industry 4.0. The seminar was on GOI POLICY ON INDUSTRY 4.0 and opportunity to work together

KAIST was established in 1971 to model a research focused university and to foster elite human resources in science and technology.KAIST has now become a well-respected member of the worldwide science community. KAIST has a good QS global ranking (#40) and also has a very high Research Output

Prof. Bandyopadhyay also explored the possible opportunities to conduct collaborative research
Dr R Raman
Director – SIBM Pune