SIBM: A leap of faith

Posted By Akshat Middha

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By leaving behind your old self and taking a leap of faith into the unknown, you find out what you truly capable of becoming.

A story of a wannabe entrepreneur working day and night with a passion to make his work be commendable and stands upto his own expectations. Always high on energy, he had full confidence that he could do it. But even the greatest of the minds needs a mentor, needs someone who could guide him, tell him rights and wrongs. He wasn’t late to recognise what he was missing. Now his goal was to find the right guidance for him.

One fine day, he got to know about the course that has been started in Symbiosis International University(SIU) by the flagship institute of the Symbiosis Society, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management. Masters of Business Administration in INNOVATION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP designed especially for the potential entrepreneur. Symbiosis had not only evolved as the most premium B schools in India but also built its reputation across the globe. It was the only institute which provided the platform for the potential entrepreneurs to learn evolve and grow. So it was easy for him to decide that he has to be in SIBM anyhow!

He started preparing for the entrance in SIBM through SNAP(Symbiosis National Aptitude Test) conducted by Symbiosis society every year followed by the round of GDPIW. He was determined, he was focused. And as they say, your hard work pays. He made it! He got into one of the most premium MBA schools in the country. Confident more than ever, he started looking forward and was happy where his life was taking him.

The teaching at Symbiosis started even before getting into the college. SIU provided with the pre induction modules from the world’s most prestigious B School, The Harvard University. The content was sufficient for any layman to understand the basics of things to be taught in MBA. He already started realising the course was best suited as he started with the modules. Looking forward to the course he waiting for the D-day.

2nd June 2015, his first step in the premises as the student of SIBM. He already started feeling the change in his attitude. The week started with the inductions. Team building exercises, ice breaking sessions, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs and the best of all, he could listen to the best mentors in the county for startups, standing right in front of him. And as the day passed, he expectations started turning into reality. The very right environment, the perfect curriculum, he had his spirits high. He believed that he took the right step towards converting his dream into reality.


You don’t have to see the whole staircase, you just need to take the first step.

Akshat Middha, MBA 1st Year, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.