2017 – Life in a High Resolution

Posted By SIBM Student

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2016 will hit dusksanajana-pai-final in a few hours, and 2017 will dawn soon. So let’s begin this year with something clichéd, and very stereotypical of New Years – Resolutions!!

Go ahead, smirk a little, we all know the basic rule about New Year Resolutions. They don’t last for a week, let alone a year!

But as much as we all hate to make resolutions, we’re fuelled by a small challenge to ourselves.. Will I be able to do this? Will I be able to keep up the resolutions?

Think to yourself, do we make resolutions that are realistic? Or do we blindly set targets for ourselves that we know aren’t really achievable? It’s so much easier to drop it off midway when you know you weren’t being realistic, to begin with, right?

So here’s a list of three resolutions we can all keep up and would be interesting to try!

  1. Cut off the Negativity
    Judgement, jealousy, unnecessary competition, let’s cut out all of that! Let’s send out good vibes. Positive vibes only.
  1. Acceptance and Appreciation
    None of that ‘New Year, New Me’ ordeal for us at the Hilltop. Instead, let’s learn to accept ourselves the way we are, and be more comfortable in our own space. Let’s be more appreciative of the people around us!
  1. Stay Healthy!
    What are those Delhi Chaat parathas and rolls if not delicious carb generators? Coffee Stop, we’re looking at you as well!

The foodies that most of us are, we can’t give up on these little treats. But we can counter the carbs for sure, with a little EXERCISE! Take the cycle to the acad block, jog to the Annexe and back, take the bus down and jog back uphill, there are so many cost-effective and time-saving options to stay healthy!

Let’s set a goal to make these resolutions a part of us.dance

‘Resolutions for 2017’ must not, and will not, turn into ‘Resolutions for 2018’!

Lastly, stay safe tonight and bring in 2017 on a fresh and joyful note.


-Sanjana Pai