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Posted By Dr. R Raman

Published On: September 4, 2015Categories: Featured0 Comments on My Teachers day post !
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Dear All

By giving answers to all the questions that students have Youtube and Google have become the “Gurus” of 21st Century. Wikepedia and the World Wide Web also gives plethora of information that students need at the click of a button! Hence it has become a necessity for “Teachers” to take a new “Avatar” in order to get the dignity and respect enjoyed by the teachers of 20th Century and also the past. The features of New “Avatar” includes – Ensuring that the faculty member knows much more than what the students already know, his/ her ability to share the knowledge to students in an attractive manner which makes them realize that its a “add value” in shorter duration than through a three hours video on “Youtube ” or a fifty page document in “Wekipedia”!

I feel that many B Schools in India which impart management education in India have gone the “materialist mode” and have failed to mould the students for value and character.

Today, the Indian B school education system has been reduced to the rat race of three I’s as I call them “Industry Ready” “Impeccable Placements” ,“Immense Income”.

The focus is not towards character building which ensures managers with “right morale and values” are created for society, but it is towards making the student more marketable in the job market.

A perforating question that bothers me is, “Are the majority of Indian B schools creating managers who have the moral courage to uphold their values in the face of a crisis?” I feel the answer is an emphatic NO! There is a dis-connect between our present day management education and culture. The fallout of all this is a section of graduated management students simply ill equipped to face the school called LIFE.

Then, what should management education be focusing?
Well I am not against creating coolies for the corporate, but I feel important aspect of management education is to impart humanity to the taught. This is where the teacher plays a prominent role of inculcating these values among his/her students.

As we celebrate another Teacher’s Day today, it would be prudent to take stock and check if we are contributing our best to create intelligent, strong and morally upright management graduates.

Happy Teachers day : -)

Dr R Raman