Infosys InGenious is a unique business challenge @ SIBM Pune

Posted By Dr. R Raman

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On Tuesday, August 18th, the students of SIBM Pune were privileged to play host to the team from Infosys – conducting Infosys InGenious Base Camp (Round 1).

Infosys InGenious is a unique business challenge designed to help students understand the intricacies of working in the IT industry. Conducted via three rounds, excluding a hard-fought qualifier round held internally on campus, Infosys InGenious has another interesting feature – every team of three members must have at least one female member, in order to maintain diversity.

Only five teams from each campus are allowed to present their cases to Infosys – but every member of the batch of 200+ eagerly sought to be one of those 15! In order to ensure a rigorous method through which the final five teams were selected, an internal case study challenge was conceptualised, developed, and judged by the faculty of SIBM Pune, led by Dr. V.V. Ravi Kumar (Associate Professor, SIBM Pune). From this challege, the Campus Representatives were selected and introduced to Infosys.

On August 18th, SIBM was proud to host Mr Venugopal G, Industry Principal – Manufacturing product domain consulting; Mr Chandrasekhar Balakrishna, Lead Consultant; Mr Swapnil Akolkar, Lead Consultant; Mr Sundaram R M, Senior Lead – REC; and Ms Anusha D, Associate Lead – REC, as part of Base Camp 1.

All five teams put in their fullest efforts, with Team Asgardians – Ashish Khanna, Chitiz Gupta, and Archana R (MBA II Marketing) emerging triumphant.

“The main factor contributing to any success is having a good team; team dynamics can make you or break you,” said Archana R, after the event. “What I loved about this case study challenge was that it was extremely open-ended. Infosys, very interestingly, gave us a case without a clear problem statement – we had to develop the problem statement ourselves, before solving the case. It was a very challenging case, something that we enjoyed – it really forced us to push our limits!”

Team Asgardians will proceed to Infosys InGenious Base Camp (Round II), where they will face the campus finalists from the other B-Schools participating in the competition. From there, the Top 5 teams will proceed to the Infosys Bangalore campus to participate in the Summit – a Business Case involving creating a detailed Business Plan.

Congratulations to Team Asgardians and we wish them the very best of luck. More power to their elbow!

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Dr R Raman

Director SIBM Pune