SIBM, Pune | Sessions for MBA & MBA(I&E) 2015 -2017 batch starts on 3rd June 2015

Posted By Dr. R Raman

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Learning is a pleasure that has no equal. My commitment to an academic career stems from its potential for a lifetime of learning and intellectual renewal. I feel, Research, Teaching and Academic Administration are all integral components of learning. Of these, teaching and academic administration are the most rewarding in the immediacy of its feedback.

I also find that a career in academics is a form of learning for oneself. Be it putting my thoughts together for a lecture or creating a strategic plan, I ask a question to myself, “Would I believe this if I were a student?” This question constantly guides me to consider a topic, or a plan or a strategy, as it would appear to a bright and inquisitive mind, untainted by preconceived notions. This often leads me to a deeper understanding of what I am trying to teach, plan or even strategize! This also sometimes leads me to unexpected insights in research.

The intellectual companionship offered by bright and eager students is one of the joys of an academic life. As their guru(teacher), I am always in a privileged position, to be the first to open new doors and lead them to vistas of knowledge that they did not know existed, and also learn from their discussion and deliberations! Every class, every induction, and every academic event by the students is distinct and unique in its way. No matter how many times I address a new batch during their induction, I remind myself that this is the first time for them.

As we at SIBM, Pune start the sessions for the next batch on 3rd June 2015, I along with my team are eagerly awaiting to meet the 2015-2017 batch of MBA and MBA(I&E) students

Dr R Raman

Director- SIBM, Pune