It was an amazing evening of fun, laughter, reunions, and camaraderie…

Posted By Shrirang Altekar

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SIBM Pune organized its Alumni Meet in Delhi yesterday, #Encore North, and what an evening it was! More than 120 alumni from batches ranging from 1982 to 2023 attended the same, and the atmosphere was to be seen to be believed… ????!!

It’s amazing how alums from different batches came together, chatted, networked, enjoyed… all delighted to reconnect with their Alma Mater, and with the secure knowledge that their Alma Mater values them completely… it is a place which, irrespective of who is in charge, will always be a home for them, where they will always be welcome! I am really thankful to all of them to have made it yesterday to the Meet, and I am absolutely sure they would have enjoyed the evening, also the stand up performance by Chirag Panjwani, which was a first in any Alumni Meet!

For me, personally, this was a special evening, and Meet, being the first after I took charge of SIBM Pune… the spontaneous expression of love and support as a fellow alum was indeed humbling for me… and a reminder of the great responsibility that goes with this role… am truly thankful to all of them for their spontaneous re-commitment of support for their Alma Mater, and especially for our students and would-be-alumni… that’s where they need their support, in the form of their knowledge, experience sharing, and mentorship… truly looking forward to engaging more with all our alums, ( can’t say old or young – they are all young at heart ???? )!! For the Institute this engagement is especially crucial for developing a future vision for us, and also helping us achieve it.. shared a few ambitious targets yesterday that I wish to set for SIBM Pune!!

I must thank all our faculty and staff who helped in organizing the Meet, and of course, our superb student Alumni Team, which spared no effort in making it a success!! Take a bow, Alumni Team, you were splendid!!

And it’s back to Pune today, and with a very, very, big day coming up tomorrow… the declaration of the first merit list for Batch 2024-26!!