All SIBM,Pune students on a outbound training @ Karjat !

Posted By Dr. R Raman

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All the first year MBA and MBA(I&E) students of SIBM, Pune were in a resort located at Karjat, for n out bound traning programme, which is part of the induction programme at SIBM, Pune. The principal objective of the outbound training is to make sure that all of them are ready as a “team” to start this two year journey.

Individual objective that students have helps them in achieving their personal goals, which in true enhances the individual contribution to SIBM, Pune. SIBM, Pune not only encourages the individual objectives and aspirations of students but also helps them in understanding the requirements and benefit of working in teams.

The outbound training on the 4th & 5th June 2016 by Col Sameer Kulkarni (Retd.) and his team at Karjat was enjoyed by all SIBM Pune students, where learning by doing was the focus . The students had an immense value add and not only learnt team dynamics but also understood the ethical and social aspects, related to team dynamics.

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They are now all set for the sessions from 6th June 2016 to 10th June 2016 on Personal Effectiveness and Etiquette by Mr. Minochar Patel, Founder Director and Corporate Trainer -Ecole Solitaire, who is an alumni of SIBM, Pune

Dr R Raman

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